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Ahad Episode 3 is A new Urdu Novels written by Sofia Butt And Ahad Episode 3 Is A Monthly Episode Urdu Novel, The novel is based on friendship, True Love ,Romantic Urdu novels, You Can Downlaod And Read Online Hare.

Ahad Episode 3 by Sofia Butt

Ahad Episode 3 by Sofia Butt
Ahad Episode 3 by Sofia Butt

Ahad Episode 3 Novel  Story And Summary

We Give You Some Story To Better Understand The Story Type Of The Novel

This is the story of a girl’s love for Atul. A love that has made him indifferent to everything in the world. The love that

It is beyond everything. Rahima Ahmed is the elder daughter-in-law of a large mansion. But nature has deprived them of children. She is her child to her brother-in-law and Nand’s children, she has taken care of the entire management of the mansion.

She keeps missing a girl who came into her life for a while. Despite having so many people in the house, they feel lonely. His three brothers- in-law live in this house, Chaudhry Haider Yaqub and his wife Rafat, where they have four children.

Yasir Aswad Fatima and Momina. Or working in a bank after work. He has settled with his paternal aunt’s daughter Rabab. Chhota is doing his MBA from Aswadsind University. The third number was Fatima.

She is engaged to Khalzad Khurram. It happens in Germany. Momina, the youngest, who wanted to go to university, was not allowed to go to college Was not admitted.

Chaudhry Sulaiman Yaqoob and Asia had two sons and a daughter. Humayun B is taking care of his father’s lands after retirement, while son Babar was in first year and daughter Gul was in ninth year.

The youngest son-in-law, Chaudhry Sufyan Yaqoob and Deorani Iram, have two daughters, four-year-old Arwa and three-and-a- half-year-old Jab, and Wali.

They had two babies. Firdous and Or Kamin, Yasmin lived in the city while Apa Firdous lived in the same house as theirs Yes, the wall is there.

They found baby food. Shahr, Azhar nd Zahir Baits and Rabab, Maher Tab Baits. This was very dear to Haima Ahmed.

They have taken a promise from him. Meher takes an interest in Tab Aswad and Humayun wants Momina, who is very flirtatious.

As she was coming to Sindh University to study, Bhau had already made arrangements to guard her. Immortals who wanted him to the point of worship forced him to enroll in the chemistry department. When a girl asks her name, she says it is Dar Gadevi.

About Novel Author Sofia Butt

Sofia Butt Writer Of Ahad Episode 3 And This Is Monthly Episode Novel And Every Published in 2023. she know very well how to write best urdu novels. Sofia Butt only written in the Urdu language And I hope you will definitely read this novel and enjoy learning some new ideas. And We need your feedback With comment box

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