Mala Episode 13 by Nimra Ahmed PDF

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Mala Episode 13 by Nimra Ahmed PDF

Mala Episode 13 by Nimra Ahmed
Mala Episode 13 by Nimra Ahmed

Let me introduce you to Kaif, an ambitious entrepreneur who has faced numerous failures in his attempts to establish a successful business. As a result, he finds himself in dire financial straits, deep in debt and desperate for a way out. Fortunately, his luck appears to be changing as a mysterious man by the name of Mahir Fareed enters his life, offering him a significant amount of money to act as a bodyguard for a young woman named Kashmala.

In addition to his role as her protector, Mahir also promises to assist Kaif in kickstarting his own business venture by providing services such as marketing and social media management. However, it quickly becomes apparent that Mahir has ulterior motives, as his obsession with Kashmala and his penchant for keeping records of his victims is eerily reminiscent of a notorious killer named Khawar from the novel Namal. Mahir’s album is filled with chilling evidence of his psychopathic tendencies.

Eventually, we are introduced to the titular character, Kashmala. Although her name means garland, she is far from a mere decoration. She is the owner of a restaurant called Ocean, where she takes great pride in her attention to detail and ability to spot even the smallest issues. Unfortunately, she is blind to the fact that her business partner, Zaheer, does not view her as an equal partner and has sold the restaurant without her knowledge or consent. This betrayal leaves Kashmala devastated, especially since she has invested five years of hard work, blood, and tears into the business.

As if losing her livelihood were not enough, someone begins targeting Kashmala, leaving her with ominous clues meant to scare her off. Thankfully, her family is supportive of her, and she decides to attend her cousin’s wedding in her hometown. Kaif, her newly hired bodyguard, accompanies her and immediately attracts attention due to his good looks, arousing suspicion among the locals. Over time, Kaif develops a soft spot for Kashmala, although he is not in love with her.

As the episode concludes, Kashmala learns some troubling news about Hoor e Jahan, hinting at further conflicts to come.

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