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Thursday, 30 May 2019

10 incredible inventions of ancient Greeks

Ancient Greek culture is, in many ways, considered to be one of the world's leading cultures ever - and the technology sector is not excluded from all of the areas where it has excelled, with many inventions of the ancient Greek world "coming" until today.

Here are some of them, for which (perhaps) you would not expect that they were living in the ancient Greek world.

Hydraulic clock (clock): Inquisition of Alexandros Ktimacios, considered as one of the pioneers of automation. It was based on the beginning of the hourglass and could be used at night or overcast (generally without the sun).

Fire pump: And this was based on the invention of Kthyzhiou, who created the manual pump, which has arrived to our days (after Ktissibiou perfected it as a fire pump by Heron). Generally, Kthybis had been very busy with the pressure of air and fluids, with a range of inventions ranging from compressed-air weapons to lifts and a ... fit!

Odometer: It is believed to have been a creation of the Heron of Alexandria, and it was a construction that could be transported to wheeled vehicles to record distances.

Central Heating: It is said that the Temple of Artemis in Ephesus - one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World - was heated by pipelines that were on the floor and made the heat generated by fires circulated.

The robot: Filon the Byzantium, a pupil of Ktesiviou, is considered to be the "link" between Ktesiwi and Heron, such as a horse who drank water, a little girl who buzzed water, a maid, etc. This work was continued by the famous Heron the Alexandrian (1st nd-1st century AD), who created a large number of mobile devices - eg a mobile automatic theater. His work describes in detail the "Automated", the oldest known text with descriptions of automatic mechanical systems that could make programmed movements.

Lever: "Let me go and I can move" (give me somewhere to stand and move the Earth). Archimedes' famous plot is about discovering the lever-something so simple, and at the same time so wondrous.

Hydraulic wheel: A water pumping system attributed to Dimitrios Poliorketas (one of Alexander the Great's successors, best known for his besieging machines).

Alarm clock: It is said that Aristotle had made it to wake up quickly and study more. They consisted of a container of water that emptied with a selected flow rate (in each case) into another container carrying a hinged hemispheric float. At the predetermined moment of filling the container the float was overturned and the beads placed on its flat surface fell into a cup (or dish) causing noise. A similar device was the "Plato's alarm clock".

The Music Mirror: Another Kitesivi's work - a height-adjustable mirror that could balance in any location, producing musical notes at the same time.

The Archimedes steam cannon: It consisted of a metal cylindrical boiler that was connected to it with a closed water container. The boiler at its open end had a wooden barrel embedded in the stone bullet to be ejected. The barrel encrusted with a wooden beam secured with two trusses. When the boiler had reached the appropriate temperature with fire, the tap was opened, the water dropped to the boiler, evaporated rapidly, the wooden beams broke and the bullet was thrown.

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